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Positive social impact

As a small business owner committed to “doing good”, you may ask yourself, “How can I make a difference through my work and life so that they create a positive social impact?”

Given the many challenges facing humanity at this time…

Do you want to change the world?

What truly matters to you?

Are you living your life based on your vision, values and based on what you see as possible? Does your business reflect this?

What legacy will you leave?

You may find yourself in two places related to this issue:

A. You’re a successful small business owner, who’s come to realize that there’s more to work than making money. Something is gnawing at you- an experience of yourself that something is missing. You want to do good, do well- give back.

B. You’re a social entrepreneur, who wants to grow and develop your enterprise so that the social impact it’s making is aligned with your commitments.

Successful Small Business Owner

You want your work and your life to matter- to make a difference, to give back to society, to have a positive social impact. There’s some expression of yourself, a calling, a possibility that has your name on it. Somehow, the engagement and sense of purpose that you’ve experienced has diminished.

You’re not okay with the direction the planet is heading. Planetary sustainability is an important value for you- not just for your cared ones but for everyone.

Social Entrepreneur

You wake up in the morning looking forward to your work day. Your work is an expression of who you are. It feels right. You’re in the right place. What you offer makes a positive social impact.

However, maybe you haven’t developed and grown your business to the extent that matches your vision. While your business seems to be on the right track, what’s really missing is strong leadership on your part, including communicating your vision and offerings in powerful ways to your constituents.

Are you a member of one or more of these groups?

I fall into all of them and the people within them are the ones who tend to share my values.

How can you make a difference with your business? With your life? What choices do you have?

These are the key questions that you’re grappling with. Others include:

  • What expression of my business and my life will provide a pathway for creating a positive social impact?
  • Am I committed to running my business as is or re-designing it so that’s it’s more in alignment with my vision, values, purpose and what’s most important to me?
  • What is my vision (for work and life), my values, purpose and what’s most important?
  • If I run my business in its present form with no commitment to altering its purpose, what other ways can I have a positive social impact?
  • Who do I need to be as a leader to create a new future for myself and my business?
  • How do I mange change and transition?
  • What kind of support can I call on that will assist me in developing myself and my business?

You and I can be a good fit if…

  • you want to discover ways in which you can use your heart and soul to give back to society.
  • you want to create a new future for yourself and your business unconstrained by the past.
  • you’re looking for greater clarity and focus as to where you want to take your business and life.
  • it’s important for you to develop your leadership ability so that you are more effective and accomplished.
  • you want to be a more effective networker and develop powerful alliances.
  • you’re willing to breakthrough your resistance in developing yourself to be a shameless marketer operating from a place of integrity.
  • you’re interested in integrating work, play and learning into your life- a quality and well-lived life is most important to you.

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Fred Horowitz

Fred Horowitz is a coach who works with small business owners, including social entrepreneurs, who want to create a positive social impact while having a high quality life.

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