Are you a “New Radical?”

As I mention throughout this site, I share how my engagement with the website I co-founded with Dr. Frank Bonkowski has influenced my view on a number of subjects.

I identify myself as sharing the interests and traits of people who consider themselves to be Cultural Creatives, L.O.H.A.S. (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability), and conscious entrepreneurs. To this list, I’m adding myself as being a “New Radical,” a concept I discovered through the book, We Are the New Radicals by Julia Moulden, who Frank and I also interviewed. While the book addresses baby boomers and beyond, I say it’s relevant to small business owners of any age group who want to “do good.”

Doing good can mean more than volunteering and philanthropy. A new radical is someone who gives back to society through earning a living. They tend to be positive, constructive and hopeful.

They fall into three groups...

1. Activists
2. Entrepreneurs
3. Innovators

Activists are those that serve the less fortunate. They could be someone who left the corporate world to work for a nonprofit organization. They could be someone who uses their “leisure” time to commit to a cause.

Entrepreneurs start new businesses or redesign an existing one so that the business has a social agenda and is mission driven.

Innovators are people who change the status quo (for the common good) by changing their role or through their influence within a field or organization.

This is a tricky subject. There are people like me who are solopreneurs, whose primary motivation for being in business isn’t about profits but “transforming” society through a particular kind of conversation with their clients that leaves them in a place, an opening in which they realize that what they have to offer and say can have a positive social impact. I can say that my coaching business has a social agenda and is mission driven. This may not jive with what the “experts” in the domain of social entrepreneurship have to say, however, you don’t need to be a social entrepreneur to do good!

“We want a few mad people now.
See where the sane ones have landed us.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Are you a “new radical?”





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