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Business success depends on looking at all of it

“Not everything that counts can be measured. Not everything that can be measured counts.”~Albert Einstein When a small business owner approaches me to assist them with developing their business, they tend to take a narrow focus. Looking to produce some … Continue reading

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Discovering what matters to you- a possible recipe for spinning your wheels

Throughout my life, I’ve been engaged in the question, “What really matters?” trying to figure out, “What should I do with the rest of my life?” I’ve gone- from dentist to career consultant to wellness consultant to personal development trainer … Continue reading

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Your life will end- take on a game worth playing

Many of us are experiencing a yearning to awaken to our unique gifts and offer them in service to the world. We’re longing to finally feel fully alive from doing work that is both meaningful and financially sustainable. Especially for … Continue reading

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Bigger isn’t better!

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell”- Edward Abbey In an earlier post, I shared my experience of working as a volunteer with The Hunger Project. This came at a time when I was … Continue reading

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Are you a “New Radical?”

As I mention throughout this site, I share how my engagement with the website I co-founded with Dr. Frank Bonkowski has influenced my view on a number of subjects. I identify myself as sharing the interests and traits of people … Continue reading

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