Coaching Small Business Owners Who Want to Make a Positive Social Impact

Change can be very challenging. You know that there are many directions you can take your business and life, yet you find yourself not moving forward.

You and I have deeply ingrained patterns of ways of being, thinking, acting and speaking that stop us from our greatness. You have a hunger to matter, to give back, to be more effective and accomplished.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better way to realize sustained change or what I prefer to call transformation (way of being) than through effective coaching.

How I can help you

  • Develop clarity on who you are (ways of being, the way you communicate; your callings, values, vision, purpose, strengths, passions, what’s most important to you).
  • Come to terms with your reality (“looking the devil in the eye”)- the facts of your situation and not the “stories” you make up.
  • Get clear on what direction you want to take your business (livelihood) and life as well as a strategy to accomplish what will bring you the most fulfillment.
  • Increase your competence in following through on your commitments.
  • Transition from your present form of work/life to a form that’s more engaging.
  • Re-engage yourself in whatever form your working is taking at this time.
  • Develop stronger leadership
  • Learn to deal with your “psychology”– the internal conversations that may be keeping you stuck.
  • Overcome your resistance to marketing and selling yourself.
  • Develop your “social capital”– forming strong referral partners and alliances.
  • Develop your ability to be more conscious and mindful so that you operate from a place of creating your business/life rather than reacting to your circumstances.
  • Manage projects and people with increased effectiveness.

Here’s the bottom line: I’m in the “wake-up” business. My job is to wake you up to your unconscious and automatic ways of being, speaking and acting.

What I’m out to accomplish with you is greater freedom, power, fulfillment and peace.

How do I distinguish myself from other coaches?

There are some very good coaches out there as well as approaches. It can be challenging to choose one that’s a good fit for you.

Given your commitment to positive social impact, you would want to work with a coach who shares your values.

There’s something powerful available in working with a coach, who’s had a rich background of business and life experiences, who can share their wisdom. Someone who’s familiar with what it takes to change, to transition, to transform.

Effective coaching shows up in long term performance excellence, self correction and self generation- not in quick fixes. An effective coach is someone who facilitates your ability  to see yourself, others and the world in new ways leading to effective actions.

Key distinguishing aspects of my offers

  • My life has been devoted to transforming the quality of life of individuals, organizations and the planet.
  • It includes 7 career transitions, including founding and running a number of businesses. This gives me access to what it takes for effective change and transition.
  • I’ve worked with 100s of small business owners for 30 years and have much wisdom to share about business and life. My work has a long term impact on the quality of work and life of my clients.
  • My approach deals with the whole person– cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual and social.
  • I use an eclectic approach and draw on my experience and training from the domains of business, transformation, spirituality, ontology and integral theory.
  • The name of my company is Fred Horowitz & Associates. My associates are experts. I call on them to assist my clients in areas that require specialization beyond mine.

My offer

I work with my clients primarily on a one-to-one basis, through a combination of face-to-face coaching and phone coaching. For clients outside where I live in Montreal, our conversations take place over the phone.

From time-to-time, I offer group coaching, which also could be face-to-face as well as phone.

The program(s) I design are based on the individual challenges of my clients. Together, we develop a contract in which the outcomes are clearly spelled out to be accomplished by a specific time. I guarantee satisfaction– not results.

The best way to find out if you and I are a fit is by having an exploratory conversation with me.

These are the kinds of clients I’ve worked with…

      • a managing director of a non profit organization, who was under much¬† stress in dealing with a “difficult” board chairman in which her contributions weren’t being recognized. She also wasn’t given the opportunity to fully take advantage of her strengths of teaching and giving powerful presentations. The main area in which our coaching conversations occurred was in self-responsibility- turning around the context of her situation from one of “victim” to one of “author” of her work/life. She’s now more assertive and has re-designed her work so she’s much happier and rewarded in what’s she’s doing.
      • a manager of a non profit organization dealing with youth at risk, who was burnt out and really wanted to transition into something he was passionate about- teaching the Alexander Technique. He also wanted to increase his income significantly and raise a family. Through our work together, he started a new business related to his passion. He also started to learn about effective money management and investing to a point where he lives off the passive income he’s developed through his real estate investments.
      • the CEO of a medical clinic, in which one of his partners, the founder of the enterprise had died. It was my client’s mandate to take the clinic in a profitable direction. In our coaching sessions, he came to realize that he wasn’t providing the necessary leadership to create the kind of organization he envisioned. After one-to-one coaching sessions with him as well as group coaching sessions with his managers, the clinic is now profitable.
      • an independent management consultant, whose focus was on assisting small businesses in being more effective in their marketing. She had issues around self-confidence, didn’t feel she was working within the right niche and tended to be isolated. Through our work together, her consulting took a new direction. She’s developed programs that assist the poor. Her confidence has increased significantly and she’s developed some strong partnerships in her projects.
      • the 50 year old owner of a publishing company, who had been struggling for a number of years in making the business profitable. No matter what he did or who he hired to assist him in turning around the business, nothing changed. My sense of him was that he wasn’t truly engaged in his work- yet he didn’t want to let go. Our sessions dealt with discovering what was really most important to him at this stage of his life. This led to him getting his feet wet in politics as he continued to run his business. He then interviewed for a management position for a highly recognized international personal development program. Three years later, he owns the local franchise.